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Sun, Jan. 23rd, 2005, 02:20 pm

mmm felt like it was time to update. but..there's too much to say and im too frickin hungover from last night to really feel like typing it all out so ill just ramble a bit. i cant believe what an alcoholic im becoming. it's weird. i dont know. last night i had 10 shots..half of a fifth. me. i used to be the girl who could only have 3 shots and that was my limit. what happened to me?! oh that's right. college happened. and dont get me wrong..i dont normally go crazy and drink half a fifth. it was my initiation for my big bro at SAE's...me and him had to split a fifth. i didnt think id be able to do it but i did and i dont ever want to drink again. but im sure i will..because well..you know..

enough of that.

i worked for 7.5 hours yesterday. longest shift EVER. i dont know how i survived. honestly. 1130 to 7 at night. horrible. and i think im going to quit soon. it's just too much of a grown up job right now and i dont think that im ready for it. plus..the nursing school here doesnt really look at paid jobs as much as they look at volunteer jobs. so, i think ill just do that. ill miss the pay though. that's for sure. but ill just apply at like..abercrombie and sephora and maybe victoria's secret and work there one or two times a week. that'll be fun..right? ill actually be with people my age. no more mom's talking about their kids get MIP's..yea..that's right..they were talking about that yesterday at work and i just sat there and silently laughed to myself. it's weird working with women who are going through menopause..they always have hot flashes.

kay well..i need to go read or something..or take a nap...ugh. i feel like crap.