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Sat, Jan. 29th, 2005, 04:21 pm

mmmm decided to change up my journal a little bit. it's clean n simple now. i think i like it but im not too sure. we'll see! oh and i made new user icons..nothing too exciting but meh..you know how it goes.

so i definitely stayed up until like 5:30am last night (morning?) and didnt wake up until 2pm today. so much for going to work out, huh? good lord. what am i doing with my life?! whatever. I need to do laundry and shower but of course..got distracted and decided to write in this thing.

havent been doin much..um i had a midterm last week. it was frickin hard. dont really wanna relive that...

stupid organic chemistry. whoever invented that ish should die.

otherwise..just been having fun with the girls, goin out, meeting more and more new people. oh and going to Dicks. good lord that place is addictive..

oh and i tried to watch Garden State for the first time but then some girls came home drunk and i had to go tend to them so i missed like a third of the movie. kind of sad but it's all good..

kay i really dont have anything exciting to say so that's that...

new pictures soon...