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Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005, 06:29 pm

since when doesnt anyone have faith in me?!

i guess it just sucks that i have such a bad reputation or image in people's minds cuz the other day i decided to go on a self improvement kick. you know..study more, eat right, workout. Basically my plan is to workout everyday and to watch what i eat. not to drink as much. only go out on certain nights. go to study tables mon-thurs. you know..just all around do what ive been wanting to do. i want to feel like im a better person so i figure..why not start now? esp with spring break coming up and possibly going to cancun. but..when ever i tell anyone about my new plan they just laugh. they all say something like "oh ill take a bet against that" and i know they're joking...well actually i dont but cant they just PRETEND to support me? goll..

i guess it DOES give me the incentive to kick ass and go out there and prove them all wrong though. so im going to do just that. and so far..its been working. Ive already worked out two days in a row which is more than ive done all quarter, ive read ahead for class, gone to all my classes, havent stayed up late and i havent just constantly been eating. i already feel better. so HA. screw everyone who doesnt believe in me cuz i CAN be good if i put my mind to it. i swear..

otherwise..um..i quit my job at the hospital. i think it's for the best. so now im going to apply at sephora in u village. should be a fun job to have if i get it! i hope i do!

alright..well im gonna go take a shower and then go study!


Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005 07:14 pm (UTC)

now baby tell me what you wanna do to me
wanna take control of me
holding me

ooooh man. if that was a reference to nice and slow, and i think it was, that made my day. that was like the first "rap" i ever learned, and it was in sixth grade and i wrote it on the front of my binder. hahahha. thanks for that, natalie. and i hope you get the sephora job!

Wed, Feb. 2nd, 2005 07:08 pm (UTC)

hahaha too bad i bust out that rap ALL the time..seriously..but then again, i AM a rapping fool and it's what i do!