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Wed, Mar. 2nd, 2005, 08:00 pm


random inspiration to write in my journal! i know you're excited. basically, ive been doin college stuff since i last wrote so really, no need to update you on my life. well..i dont THINK so. but then again, dont really know what i wrote last time. so. whatever.

i took a 4 hour nap today cuz Dustin and I stayed up till, oh, 4 am last night (this morning? yes?) AS usual. (oh, p.s. Dustin is my boo) the nap was GLORIOUS. naps are totally underrated if you ask me. a good nap can definitely change the world. everyone should nap more.

so then i got my lazy ass out of bed around 4..took a lil shower and got all fancied up for the quarterly Delta Gamma Black N Silver dinner. good times, of course. but then, when do us DG's NOT have a good time? my favorite Pike boys were serving us tonight so that was a neat treat.

now im sitting in my room on the computer..in my dress still. *sigh* im such a bum.

OH but mook came over a little while ago, he was on a scavenger hunt so i had to give him random stuff..i sure do hope he returns that lacy bra..hahahah. oh how i love the greek system. always something amusing going on.

speaking of which, im excited to go out tonight! jello shots at delta chi? should be a good time! oh and last night we had an exchange with delts and it was a hip hop exchange so me and nicole got to teach this lil boy/girl routine to everyone and you KNOW i was the boy! :) that's just how i roll..shoot..

kay well..that's all i have to say..i have to go get ready for rush practice now! hahahaha..

on that note..i leave you with a random IM convo with my love, iggy:

ice i g g y x: natty if i bought you a huge diamond ring and proposed would you say yes?
sly vixen 04: of course
ice i g g y x: alright awesome
sly vixen 04: but the diamond would have to be offensively huge
ice i g g y x: offensively huge? :-(
sly vixen 04: im kidding of course my love
ice i g g y x: sigh...i'll start saving up
ice i g g y x: no, no, only the best for you
sly vixen 04: but you know, i DO think id make quite the awesome trophy wife
ice i g g y x: oh god, the best
sly vixen 04: hahaha im glad you agree

hahaha love that..