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Fri, Mar. 4th, 2005, 06:14 pm

im just sittin on the floor of my room. killing time before my pledge class's retreat tonight. i dont really know what we're doing at the retreat but im sure it'll be fine. i dunno. kind of lazy though. id rather just be at d chi's sippin on some leftover punch from the party last night with my boo. oh well..chicks before dicks, right?

there's a lot of drama in my class right now though..i hope there wont be any blood or tear shed tonight. that wouldn't be good!

last night was pretty fun, however. other than the fact that delta chi's triad was so huge that i had to wait in line to get into the house. i had to wait in line outside in a skirt to see my boyfriend! isnt that crazy? the cops came to break it up though..of course right after i got in. good lord. there were like 8 of them! and then this firetruck came as well! they said it was the biggest party they've broken up in the greek system ever. that's how crowded it was.

i, however, didnt have to leave cuz im VIP. hahahaha. and zach the DJ taught me how to work the DJ equipment so while the people were all leaving and the cops were monitoring, i was playing random songs. it was actually very funny. i played a lil snoop, a lil dr. dre. you know how i do it.

god, i just love college. i love this greek system. :)

also, mr. greek was last night. a couple of the skits were really good. like this one guy sang an ode to facebook complete with a little slideshow. one slide was just a shot that said "you've been poked by.." it was so good! i loved every minute of it.

in other news, dustin shaved one of his legs today with connor. wow. my boyfriend never ceases to amaze and amuse me. there's always something going on with those boys. i cant wait for this summer because im going to live at delta chi and room with amanda! they have a pool and a sauna and it'll basically be a non-stop party! all for the low price of 300 dollars. frickin sweet.

aight maybe i should go see if we're leaving yet.

peace out trout.