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Sun, Mar. 27th, 2005, 05:43 pm

so..spring break was a-frickin-mazing.

I cant even begin to explain it all! I mean..you watch spring break on TV and stuff but you dont really experience the wonderfulness of being a college student in Mexico until you're there. Definitely worth everything it took to get to Acapulco and now I'm addicted to spring break. Next year is already in my mind. Jamaica perhaps? maybe even a little Cancun? mmmmm...

it was really nice being able to drink legally. I know that sounds weird and slightly alcoholic-ish but..being able to order a corona or pina colada with dinner was simply wonderful. Acapulco is pure paradise..definitely underrated. The clubs were sooo frickin sweet. Not to mention the fact that KC, Britt and I made friends with some really cool Sig Eps from U of Wisconsin-Madison.

speaking of which..i miss KC and Britt...being with them 24/7 for a week and then suddenly not at all is weird. oh well..i suppose i DO move back into Delta Gamma anytime i want today so that's always a good thing..i miss my sisters!

i also get to see Dustin today which will be nice! AND i get to meet the infamous Spencer. hahaha hopefully he's as awesome as the boys say..otherwise I just dont know...

and im kind of excited for Spring Quarter to start...is that weird? why should I be excited for classes?? maybe it's cuz Spring Quarter is apparently the bomb. But it's also very weird that it's already Spring Quarter..this year FLEW by like none other..turns out i should have cherished being a freshman a little more..cuz it's almost over and it feels like it just started...

ah well..suppose i better go pack and shower!