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Tue, Jan. 18th, 2005, 11:41 am
why dont you just dye..

so yesterday i woke up as usual and i looked in the mirror and well..i had roots from my blonde highlights. kind of gross right? so i called up amanda and i was like "holler girl..let's go to bartell's" and so we jumped in the car and i went and bought hair dye..came back and dyed it. So um..now my hair is like maroon. it's definitely a big change. not a natural color at all. whatever..it's kind of fun. besides the fact that it matches like..all of my shirts and my towel. whatever. ill take pictures later.

in other news..went and saw in good company last night. it wasnt what i expected but it was still good. pretty funny. gotta love topher grace! what a peach! then i got home and went to pike's to watch shrek 2 with peoples. it was a good time. as always. those boys are precious.

i guess that's it..im gonna go eat lunch..gyros! yay!! and then it's off to my soc class! it's a good day.


Mon, Jan. 17th, 2005, 01:45 am

so ive gotten a few request to update this ish lately. and crap. it's been since christmas eve since ive clambered on the comp and gotten a little updating in! whatever..that's life!

so school obviously started again. i love my schedule. it's wonderful! i have no classes fridays which is more than i can hope for. however, since classes started, ive been going out almost every night and drinking. i know, that's bad right? but i figure..the beginning of the quarter is more lax and i can get away with it more now as opposed to later in the quarter. and besides, im only taking 10 credits for a reason.

otherwise..i love my soc deviance class. it's really nice going into a class and actually knowing a fair amount of people. and there's like 400 in that class..the prof is so funny though. he confessed to smoking weed the other day and on thurs we watched a video on cannibalism. this is the reason i went to college..to take classes that are actually interesting! yes!

in other news..i love rooming with anne. it's awesome..our room is just so comfy and nice to be in and i love that i finally have a place to escape kind of. it's a nice change from the hallway closet last quarter when i was really never alone. I havent even gone home yet this quarter since i just dont feel the need to. my parents are starting to get kind of weird about it though. i dont know..they dont seem to understand me much these days. they need to learn that i need to make my own mistakes and learn from them. after all..i am 18 and im on the brink of adulthood. they cant cast a shadow over me forever. gotta grow up sometime!

i feel like im meeting so many more people this quarter already. i think im coming into my own or something. it's weird. i cant explain it but i love the people here and the greek system is more and more exactly where i should be. even if that sounds weird. meh..hard to explain.

last week SAE's had feed the lions (philathropy) and me ariana and nicole were in the dance competition (and like every other event) and we kicked some serious ass. our dance was CLEARLY the bomb. dont hate.

hmm i guess that's it..i dont really know..im just having too much fun at college..i feel like i should be more stressed out or something? meh...i guess the time will come for that though..

in the mean time..here are some pictures!!

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Fri, Dec. 24th, 2004, 05:25 pm

I just finished watching Napoleon Dynamite with the fam. Oh what a great movie. kind of warms my heart a little bit!

"I caught you a delicious bass" -Napoleon

"I see you're drinking 1%. Is that because you think you're fat?" -Napoleon

"But my lips hurt real bad!" -Napoleon

"I'm trying to raise money for college" -Deb
"Your mom goes to college!" -Kip

"Napoleon, don't be jealous because I've been talking to babes online all day. And anyways, you know I'm training to be a cage fighter." -Kip

ahhh..alright so that's about it. i think ill go wrap my presents now. not that im procrastinating at all..seeing as it's christmas eve and everything. whatevs!

Merry Christmas loves!


Thu, Dec. 23rd, 2004, 07:25 pm

so i finally put my new hair pics on my photobucket thing...

otherwise um i dont really know what ive been doing. I went christmas shopping last night with the danny boy. bought my bro and my dad presents! oh and DJ is home! yay! he's a neat kid. Today i went to brunch with miss Danielle..it was nice to catch up. I gave her her christmas present. I hope she likes it! i think its cute but then again..that's me. Then i went to walgreens to kill time and i bought some pretty eyeshadows..some new makeup and cosmo. im excited to read it..i think ill take it with me to dannys tonight. that way he can play on his new ibook while i read. after walgreens i went to starbucks to meet up with miss katrina and we had our lil mochas and gave each other our christmas presents. i love my presents from katrina. she always restocks my supplies for me! :) we ran into matt lim and jake while we were there and they sat down to chat for a little bit. that was nice.

in other news..my grades are crappy. i dont remember if i wrote that already but they are. and that's AWESOME. so excited about that. whatever, i hate school. cept i love it too. how torn.

christmas! yay. i decided i want a pink mini ipod so i think ill save up for that. if i dont get it for christmas. and i want an anchor necklace..i picked one out when we were at the mall yesterday. hmm...

ok..picture time:
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Wed, Dec. 22nd, 2004, 03:20 am

so huh.

it's 3:20 am right now and who's wide awake. oh..me. i seriously need to stop being a night owl. it's prolly bad for me. anywho..today i hung out with my loves: carly, katrina and anna. went shopping, ate at red robin and then watched some sex and the city. it was wonderful.

tomorrow..christmas shopping with danny for my bro and dad..and mom maybe. thursday my brother comes home!!! excitement! havent seen him for a long time!

me and danny watched my old drill dvd stuff tonight. it was mildly amusing...

OH and i went dancing sunday night at element(s?) it was GLORIOUS. oh how i love dancing..i think im going to take a hip hop class through the experimental college next quarter..hopefully! either that or ill just go dancing a lot. whatevs!

kay well i should go to bed so i get up BEFORE 2pm for once.


Sun, Dec. 19th, 2004, 03:14 pm
mmm sunday boredom

so...last night i went and hung out with danny until frickin 5am...then i drove home and read until 6am. yea i think i need to stop staying up so late. sheesh. at any rate..i think we're going dancing tonight which should be fun! yay!

otherwise..LW drill invitational yesterday..it was a good time (of course!) loved seeing everyone (esp my little tina) and being back in that whole drill scene. man..i miss it. i feel like i should still be doing it..like im not in college yet or anything. random. i dont know.

anyways..i did a bunch of surveys (stolen from allison) read them if you want. but you WERE warned..

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Fri, Dec. 17th, 2004, 09:34 pm

is it weird that i just spent the last 2 hours working out around my house and dancing around like a fool? cuz i think it's pretty darn fun. not to mention the physical benefits! heh..well i should go shower now that im sweaty!!

Fri, Dec. 17th, 2004, 12:34 am
break time!

so..break has started and i moved out of DG's today and im at home! not sure if im glad to be here yet. i guess it'll be nice to have a little break from school. i can just chillax and sleep and whatnot. im excited for the reunion at the house after break..should be good! and im excited to move into my new room next quarter with miss anne and decorate it all pretty! and make a door sign! yay!!

otherwise..i totally chopped my hair off and highlighted it on wednesday night. it looks really different. im kind of blonde now..ill post pictures soon. i was gonna dye it back to brown but i think its growing on me...we'll see though..we'll see.

it was nice hanging out with people the last two days..just chillin and saying bye and whatnot. I missed hangin at DU's and i got to go see them for a lil bit yesterday and today. i cant help but love those boys. sheesh.

danny introduced me to pho tonight..we went down to the ave and had some dinner. good times as always! his roommate moved out of his room today and his new ones are starting to fix up the room to move in. i think i might go over and help the boys out sometime this week. ill make danny paint his little nook since it's like half blue..half cream..crappiness. what can you expect from a frat though..seriously..gotta love em :)

aight well..im gonna go walk around in my new uggs! (so comfy..seriously) and i dunno...it's frickin 12:30 and im so awake..but that's what college does to ya..huh?


Wed, Dec. 15th, 2004, 03:46 pm

would you just look at how good i am at posting lately? i know..i rule. you dont need to tell me...

but you can if you want to.

no big deal.

So i think i convinced my mom to let me stay another night at DG's. good stuff cuz i dont want to leave quite yet. i think im going to get sick of break pretty quickly. i mean..no girls to talk to at any given moment..no parties in the tv room watchin music videos for hours just so we can see "soldier" and "drop it like it's hot" if we're lucky..no getting ready to go out together in the hall way..no random yelling and laughing all the time..no parties..SHOOT what am i going to do when the 4 years are over? hopefully ill have grown up by then so i'll be ready to leave..otherwise it'll be a sad departure indeed!

i really feel like i should be doing homework or studying right now. but nope..dont ever have to do f-ing chem 120, eng 131 or math 111 ish ever again! (assuming i freaking passed the classes..but we won't talk about it..heh)

in other news..i think im actually getting better now..my throat only hurts on one side and i can eat solid (well..mushy solid) foods now! im pretty sure i lost a lot of weight this last week. not sure how i feel about that yet cuz i think i need to buy new pants now. meh.

really wanna go out and celebrate tonight if i can...but im not sure if i can..damn antibiotics *shakes fist*

huh..i should go chill with the DU's sometime..i havent seen them in awhile. I miss them..almost! lol..

EXCITED FOR SATURDAY! gonna go back to LW (what what!) and watch the Drill invitational..i miss drill..i definitely pulled out my old drill dvd and watched the old routines for awhile the other day. nostalgia's a bitch..it'll get you every time. i have this intense need to choreograph something now..maybe ill get to help with the dance competition routine for DG's for this frat's philathropy when we get back from break. that'd be nice..

aight well i have a hair appointment at 5 so im gonna find pictures to show the hairdresser...


Tue, Dec. 14th, 2004, 06:19 pm

i think this strep throat will be the death of me. i havent eaten really very much at all for the past 5 days. it's been smoothies and little nibblets...good lord.

but im on the meds now..so things should get better..right?

meanwhile..i think i failed all my finals because im so out of it. whatevs..

OK enough whining and whatnot..FINALS ARE OVER AND I CAN GO FREAKING RELAX!!!

and on that note..
im off to watch a movie with my favorite southern belle, Jocie!


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